The new project to extend Fiumicino airport includes all the architectural, structural and system parts in all its mechanical and electrical components. The area of interest for this project is approximately 132,000 square meters. Specifically, the BIM model planning and management process was developed in collaboration with other operators, adopting cutting-edge information management facilities. In the construction process, La SIA was involved in the modeling of all the systems serving the entire structure, in the design and construction phase, up to the development of the LOD 500 (as-built) models, dividing the work into a series of models related to the part of special systems (CCTV systems, access control systems), electrical systems (general lighting system, evacuation systems and emergency exit signs, elevators, audio-visual systems, fire prevention systems), mechanical systems (M / R air ducts, diffusers, plenums, fire-shutters, winter and summer air-conditioning), special waste disposal systems (aircraft fuel loading and unloading, oily liquid disposal and waste water).

Location: Fiumicino (RM)
Client: Rimond srl
Year: 2016



The outlet complex is located on the slopes of Mount Soratte and covers an area of about 100,000mq including parking and external roads. The surface on which the built nucleus and the internal pedestrian paths – the object of survey – stand on is about 55,000 sq.m, under this nucleus there are covered parking lots. The outlet of Soratte has an irregular shape, it is composed of three distinct zones or nuclei (A, B and C) each composed of different buildings.
The purpose of the survey was to generate a BIM model for the future design of the restyling of the whole complex. All the facades, roofs, the underlying parking level and all the paths inside the complex were therefore measured and rendered. The architectural survey in addition to the geometry of the facades also detected the material of the different finishes.
The instrumentation used was a Leica laser scanner model “P30” which has a maximum scanning distance of 120m and a maximum resolution of 0.8mm@10m
. The laser scanner is a high precision direct measurement instrument for the three-dimensional detection of objects. The instrument is able to measure hundreds of thousands of points with a very high speed (1 million points per second) to define the surface of the object detected. The result obtained is a very dense set of spatial coordinates that form the so-called “point cloud” obtained in this case by performing 128 stations in situ.

Location: Sant’Oreste (RM)
Client: Westi srl | Arcus Real Estate srl
Year: 2017


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