La SIA spa obtains BIM certification (BIMMS)

La SIA spa obtains BIM certification (BIMMS)

La Sia, already in possession of the UNI EN ISO 900: 2015 certification, has achieved the certification of the BIM (Building Information Modeling) management system for architectural and engineering design activities in Bim mode. The verification process was successfully completed with the support of Bureau Veritas Italia, a leading company in inspection, compliance and certification services.

BIM certification process

The certification process was carried out in compliance with the reference practice “Uni/PdR 74:2019-BIM Management System-Requirements”, which defines the requirements of a BIM Management System (SGBIM) that an organization must implement to improve the efficiency of the planning, design, production, operation and possible decommissioning process (ref. Uni/PdR 74:2019).

Certification audit stages

The certification audit was carried out in several stages:


  • an introductory phase in which the level of understanding and implementation of the Bim Management process and its introduction within the company was assessed;
  • a phase in which the capacity of architectural and engineering design in Bim mode was evaluated;
  • a phase in which the management capacity of the system was evaluated;
  • a phase in which the margins for improvement and future direction were shared with the examiner;
  • a phase in which the support and participation by the company was verified in structuring itself to apply rules and models effectively;
  • a phase in which the audit was concluded.

BIM management system and integration with UNI EN ISO 9001:20015

The SGBIM certification, designed to integrate easily with UNI EN ISO 9001:20015, certifies the implementation of the Bim method within the company by improving the efficiency of the design, production and programming processes in order to guarantee professionals and clients applying the same working methodology and improving the dialogue with all stakeholders involved and with clients. In addition, the certification shows how the company has equipped itself with certified resources in the Bim field (BIM Manager, Bim Coordinator, Bim Specialist), adequate software and hardware, specific know-how and processes applied to the various orders.


By achieving the SGBIM certification, La Sia confirms itself as a prominent company and consolidates its corporate brand, in line with its original mission. Thus ensuring a competitive advantage in participating in both public and private tenders


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