The top management of the company LA SIA Srl, intends to adopt and maintain a management system compliant with the standards UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, capable of ensuring continuous compliance of the product / service with requirements required by the interested parties and applicable legislation.

With a view to improving the Company Management System, La Sia has analyzed and considered the factors of its context, identified the parties involved, their needs and expectations, updating the mapping of the processes and developing a map of risks and opportunities, where the actions necessary to eliminate and / or reduce risks are implemented and, at the same time, seize opportunities for continuous improvement of the organization.

La Sia s.r.l.’s Integrated Policy is the expression of the Company’s cultural and design identity:

  • prescribing limits and measurements for future actions,

  • is expressed in writing in clear and understandable terms,

  • is subject to change, but on a stable basis,

  • it is reasonable and attainable,

  • grants discretion to those who have responsibilities for its implementation.

The basic elements of this Policy are:

  • the technical requirements of the engineering services offered;

  • the Company’s mission,

  • the Company’s vision,

  • the existing resources and constraints.

The Integrated Policy uses the Implementation Manuals of the Company Management System, which must not be an end in itself, but must add value in order to demonstrate that the processes have been planned, carried out and monitored, as well as have continuously implemented and improved the Company’s performances.

In fact, the strategic objectives and the general directions of the company management are defined, then translated into the Integrated Policy whose main purpose is to establish the behaviors that everyone must keep in defining objectives at various levels, in making choices and in governing the various processes.

The organization has completed the transition to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015, while it has already undertaken the transition to ISO 45001 (which will replace the OHSAS 18001).

The phases of this path consist of:

  • Analysis of the context by identifying the relevant stakeholders, their needs and expectations,

  • Identification of external and internal factors relevant to their strategic goals,

  • Process mapping integrations,

  • Risk / opportunity mapping with risk level assessment, based on updated process mapping,

  • Definition of objectives and actions for improvement,

  • Action plan with identification of priorities;

  • Mapping and updating of indicators.

In summary, the structural framework for defining the objectives that La Sia srl sets itself in pursuing its Integrated Policy is:

  • planning and monitoring actions to address risks and opportunities in relation to the analysis of the Organization’s context, the identification of relevant external and internal factors, the needs and expectations of the parties involved and the objectives formulated;

  • engaging in the optimization of business processes in order to achieve, through continuous improvement, the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness for the fulfillment of the system requirements, respecting the environmental protection, the health and safety of workers and the quality of services and the sustainability of the activities carried out; thus achieving a reliable, secure, punctual and flexible quality service;

  • the continuous development and monitoring of the application of “minimum standards” relating to some components of the products to be used in carrying out the technical activities of designing and implementing the works envisaged in our customers’ investment plans, as well as in the provision of advanced services, in order to increase efficiency, effectiveness, uniformity and quality of engineering products / services;

  • developing and strengthening the implementation of advanced engineering services, including IT services;

  • developing the ability to respond to the needs and expectations of its customers and stakeholders, monitoring their degree of satisfaction, managing any complaints and proposing initiatives for their information and their involvement;

  • making sure that every employee working within the Company feels, in relation to his duties, personally involved in the implementation of the Integrated Policy;

  • Promoting actions to prevent and reduce the environmental impacts generated by its activities (with actions aimed at preventing pollution) and the risks for the safety of workers;

  • maintaining compliance with European, national and local standards, with reference to the quality of the services provided, the protection of the environment and the hygiene and safety of workers;

  • improving procurement management so that the specific characteristics are highlighted in the process of qualification, management, evaluation and selection of suppliers;

  • annually reviewing the Integrated Policy and its objectives to ascertain their consistency.

Company personnel are required to know the Integrated Policy and to follow both the procedures related to the individual processes (of which it is an active part) and those relating to the System in general. Each employee will be provided with all the procedures to which he/she must comply, which will still be available on the company server or at the Quality O.U. in which they are stored.

Finally, it is important to reiterate that the main purpose of the Integrated Policy is to satisfy all interested parties (stakeholders) through continuous improvement of processes and services, and it can only be achieved by sharing the company philosophy with employees, promoting awareness, knowledge and application of the fundamental elements of the Integrated Management System.

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