Acilia PJ10


Acilia, Rome (RM)


Telecom Italia SpA




The redevelopment project of the Telecom complex in Acilia for the 10 City project envisions the entire lot taking on the configuration of a “Campus Green,” thanks to a substantial reconfiguration of the outdoor space through new paths and parking spaces, new plantings and the placement of a fitness trail and bicycle mobility equipment.
The vegetation builds a new image of the complex built in the 1970s, and suggests a new identity for it, close to the positive physical sensations put at the center of biophilic design, even beyond compliance with numerical comfort parameters, although guaranteed by active systems.
Inside, the design followed the criteria of smartworking by generating a space with a continuous path, a true internal street that winds through the entire “building-city,” skirting the workstations of Telecom IT and Telecom Sparkle companies and widening into the “squares” that house floor and headquarters services.

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