Description of the Project:

Obtaining the Fire Prevention Certificate relating to the activities listed below – subject to control by the Fire Department of Rome – and for the offices of Telecom Italia SPA in Via di Valcannuta 182 in Rome involved a building with a total surface area of 38,797.87 square meters, in particular:
• 1 garage consisting of 2 compartments, with surface area greater than 3000sqm
• 5 paper and carton deposits present in the basement
• 1 professional kitchen room with a thermal capacity of 246.8 kW
• rooms for office use, with over 800 people present

The activities carried out were:

• Recovery and verification of the existing documentation from the client and from the Fire department command;
• Verification of places and identification of the activities subject to the D.P.R. August 1, 2011, N 151;
• Verification of the location of the establishment in consideration of the surrounding or neighboring activities;
• Verification of external, internal , protection and respect safety distances, as well as accessibility to emergency vehicles;
• Identifying legislations, laws and regulations of reference and applicable to individuals;
• Fire prevention technical planning
• Instruction for the application for the Declaration of Compliance and the SCIA procedure for obtaining CPI;
• Performance tests to identify malfunctions or deficiencies;
• Works management for correct implementation of the planned work.

Location : via di Val Cannuta 182 – Acilia Roma

Client : Telecom Italia Spa

Year : 2014