Data Center Tier IV



The project was about the construction of four equipment rooms served by 3 functional blocs (services, warehouses, control rooms, checkup) within the existing building. The surface of the rooms varies from 650 square meters to 1088 square meters. The project is characterized by the achievement of the Tier IV requirement indicating the highest quality grade for a Data Center. Therefore the whole technical system and civil engineering design was characterized by redundant systems ensuring the maximum safety level. The floor was raised from the current street-level height to about 1,5 mts. higher through the implementation of a special floating floor. Windowed surfaces, including skylights, were reduced to what is strictly necessary and replaced by opaque surfaces made of brickwork. Given the previous state of degradation, all the existing structure was restored and had its seismic resistance upgraded.

Outside the building, infrastructure will be built to service the Data Center systems. It consists of a steel and reinforced concrete structure that will house technological volumes relating to generators, UPS, refrigeration units, AHUs, electrical panels. The refrigeration systems will have a low energy impact, therefore they will be built with centralized free-cooling and geocooling systems.

        Location:  Acilia, Roma (RM)
         Client: Telecom Italia Spa
         Year:  2015-2016