Navetta Bridge


The project was born from the union of many formal aspects associated with elements that are both antique and contemporary.
The main design operation consisted in the reworking of the shapes taken as a reference and have been transformed in new elements with contemporary lines.
The structure of the bridge is a basin made of Cor-Ten steel housing at its interior the walkway made of wooden staves. The choice of a monolithic structure has been dictated by the need to raise the bridge so as to avoid interference with the underlying passage of water. This structure has also allowed to contain the dimensions of the structural profiles.
The project’s goal is to generate a completely new and original image of the “bridge” element
as to the form and also to the materials, while maintaining a functional nature. The achievement of this result was made possible through an important compositional effort that saw the overlapping of concepts such as trees’ static nature, the lightness of tapered lines and a varied theme made of an alternation of architectural nods (integrated banisters).

          Location: PARMA – ITALY
          Cliente: Municipality of Parma
          Year: 2015