Energy Monitoring Design Telecom Italia Office


The works concern the positioning and installation of all the sensors needed to carry out the energy monitoring of the building. The building – object of the monitoring plan – is studied in its characteristics of geometric configuration, of envelope, of intended use and of system types, in order to define with sufficient detail the characteristics of the instrumentation to support the monitoring and its positioning in the field.
For the purposes of monitoring of energy consumption, the macro types that have been taken into consideration are:
1. Conditioning (heating / cooling).
2) Lights
3. Power Supply (Lifts – hoists – general loads).
4. Loads connected under the UPS line.
5. Energy stations.
In addition to energy measurements, measurements of the environmental parameters were carried out to detect the temperature, the percentage of humidity present in the air and the level of light intensity in some rooms taken as samples of the building itself.
The monitoring system was based on a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) architecture system, a 2.4 ZigBee radio protocol with products compliant with Telecom Specifications.

The type of technology used was provided by KERBEROS and the devices required for monitoring are listed below:
1. GATEWAY: KET-GZE-100 device that connects the Zig-Bee network to the Telecom Italia WSN interface management platform .
2. BRIDGE: KET-RMB-201.203 [5M] modbus wireless device and router in Zig Bee technology with the possibility of managing up to five slave devices connected to its RS 485 port, suitable for mounting on an electrical panel on a DIN rail.
3. POWER METER: KET-PMT-200 [6M] three-phase network analyzer capable of supplying all the following electrical quantities: Vrms, Irms, Watts, Var, Va, Frequency, Cosφ, Active Energy
4. 15VA TRANSFORMER: KET- PMA-100.230 [3M] supplies a secondary voltage of 19Vac which can be powered at 230V, protection is guaranteed by a thermo-fuse; it is also possible to use a 25VA transformer which takes up more modules on a DIN rail.
5. TEMPERATURE, HUMIDITY AND LIGHT SENSOR: KET-THL-100 battery-powered device which uses a digital sensor for room temperature and relative humidity together with an integrated light sensor to perform a complete environmental monitoring.
6. WIRELESS PULSECOUNT DEVICE: KET-MES-200 [5M] device that connects to the standard ES interface of the electricity meters and counts the relative pulses of energy consumed and transferred to the electricity network. ROUTER: KET-RMB-300

Location: Rome
Client: Telecom Italia Spa
Year: 2014-2015-2016