The photovoltaic plant in question is defined as a GRID-ON type, i.e connected to the national network.
Consisting of 15,980 modules, divided into 799 strings each with 20 modules in series, for a total area occupied by the plant of approximately 6.32 hectares.
According to the UNI 8477 and UNI 10349 standards, the radiation calculated on modules exposed to 0° with respect to the South and inclined with respect to the horizontal of 32° with a chosen albedo factor: Green grass is equal to 1657 kWh / m².

The power at STC conditions (irradiation of the modules of 1000 W / m² at 25° C temperature) turns out to be:
PSTC = PMODULO x N ° MODULES = 245 x 15980 = 3.915.100 Wp

Considering an efficiency of B.O.S. (Balance of system) of 85% that takes into account the losses due to various factors such as: higher temperatures, dusty surface of the modules, differences in efficiency between the modules, losses due to the conversion system, the power on the side c.a. will be equal to:
PCA = PSTC x 85% = 3.327.835 Wp

The energy that can be produced on an annual basis by the photovoltaic system is given by:
E [kWh / year] = (I x A x Kombre x RMODULI x RBOS)
E = (1657 x 25.945,128 x 0.95 x 14.4% x 85%) = 4.999.002.44 kWh / year

The value of 4.999.002.44 kWh / year is the energy that the photovoltaic system will produce in a year.

Location : Comune Montalto di Castro

Client : Enertel Servizi srl

Year : 2009