Project Category: Telecommunications engineering


DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT: Use of a web-based application for the digitization and BIM reproduction of all the information necessary to archive, manage, categorize, analyse, and make available all the data of telecommunication infrastructures distributed throughout the country. ARCHIVING At the basis of the application, a series of relational databases are developed that contain all […]


The intervention consists in the design of the external lightning protection system (LPS) to be installed to protect the new SMR Radar in service of the Control Tower. The lightning protection system was sized following the assessment of the Lightning Risk specific to the type of structure, the type of activity carried out, and in […]

Data Center Tier IV

DATA CENTER TIER IV DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT: The project was about the construction of four equipment rooms served by 3 functional blocs (services, warehouses, control rooms, checkup) within the existing building. The surface of the rooms varies from 650 square meters to 1088 square meters. The project is characterized by the achievement of the […]