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Valcannuta 250 CPI

VALCANNUTA 250 CPI Request for a preventive opinion on fire compliance and adaptation works for obtaining the fire prevention certificate: – 5 electronic data storage centers (over 25 employees) – activities 82 DM 16-2-1982 – private garage with more than 9 motor vehicles – activities 92 DM 16-2-1982 – Gas power station (kitchen) – activity […]

Data Center Tier IV

DATA CENTER TIER IV DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT: The project was about the construction of four equipment rooms served by 3 functional blocs (services, warehouses, control rooms, checkup) within the existing building. The surface of the rooms varies from 650 square meters to 1088 square meters. The project is characterized by the achievement of the […]

Acilia PJ10

The renovation project of the Telecom complex in Acilia for the “10 Cities” project aims at configuring the entire lot as a “Green Campus” thanks to a significant reconfiguration operation of the exterior space through new paths and resting areas, new garden areas and the placement of a fitness trail and bicycle mobility facilities. Vegetation […]