Category: Telecommunications engineering

Category: Telecommunications engineering

La SIA establishes a commercial partnership with Infrasite

Hosting telecommunications infrastructures in urban areas: evolution and criticalities   Hosting telecommunications infrastructures in the urban areas of beautiful Italian cities is finally possible thanks to the collaboration between La Sia and InfraSite®, manufacturer of the smart underground box. The digital transition and the need for an increasingly connected Country brings a consequent increase in […]

The benefits of BIM for tower companies

If you’re in telecommunications, you may have heard of Building Information Modelling (BIM). However, do you understand how the BIM works and how essential it is to managing the complexities of modern tower infrastructure? Below, we take a look at what BIM is and how it can benefit your tower construction projects. What is BIM? […]

La SIA spa obtains BIM certification (BIMMS)

La Sia, already in possession of the UNI EN ISO 900: 2015 certification, has achieved the certification of the BIM (Building Information Modeling) management system for architectural and engineering design activities in Bim mode. The verification process was successfully completed with the support of Bureau Veritas Italia, a leading company in inspection, compliance and certification services. […]