La SIA begins rebranding activities

In our 20th anniversary year, we are excited to present the first step in a significant overhaul of La SIA’s identity. This year marks not only a historic milestone for us, but also the beginning of a new phase.

Celebrating our successes in 2023, including our debut on the stock exchange, we decided to initiate the revamp of our brand identity to communicate our core values and modern approach, readiness for change, and relentless passion for innovation.

The new logo, while maintaining its iconic shape to ensure continuity, introduces elements that symbolize the company’s look to the future. La SIA’s new brand identity is not limited to the logo; it will embrace all of the company’s digital, institutional, and professional communications, reflecting our global vision and our penchant for internationalization.

At this special time, we want to share with you a video in which our marketing and communications team guides you through the first phase of the rebranding process and the ideas behind this transformation.

Watch the video below to learn more about our new face and what it represents for the future of La SIA.

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