The renovation project of the Telecom complex in Acilia for the “10 Cities” project aims at configuring the entire lot as a “Green Campus” thanks to a significant reconfiguration operation of the exterior space through new paths and resting areas, new garden areas and the placement of a fitness trail and bicycle mobility facilities.
Vegetation creates a new image of the complex, that was built in the seventies, and redefines its identity taking it closer to positive physical sensations placed in the center of the biophilic design, even beyond the compliance to numerical comfort parameters, although the latter are guaranteed by systems in force.
On the inside, the design has followed smart-working criteria, creating a space with a continuous path, a real internal road unwinding through the “building-city”, along the workstations of the firms Telecom IT and Telecom Sparkle and spreading in the “squares” hosting floor and office services.

Location: Acilia, Roma (RM)
Client: Telecom Italia SpA
Year: 2015 -2016


Viale Luigi Schiavonetti 286, Roma

+39 06 4544 1972

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