BIM Survey Soratte Outlet


Sant'Oreste (RM)


Westi Ltd. | Arcus Real Estate Ltd.




The outlet complex is located on the slopes of Mount Soratte and covers an area of about 100,000sqm including parking lots and external roadways. The area on which the built core and the internal pedestrian paths surveyed are located is about 55,000sqm; under this core are the covered parking lots. The Soratte outlet has an irregular shape and is composed of three distinct zones or cores (A,B and C) each composed of different buildings.
The purpose of the survey was to generate the BIM model for the future design of the restyling of the entire complex, so all facades, roofs, the underlying parking deck, and all paths within the complex were surveyed and returned. In addition to the geometry of the facades, the architectural survey also noted the material of the different finishes.


The instrumentation used was a Leica model “P30” laser scanner that has a maximum scanning distance of 120m and a maximum resolution of 0.8mm@10m.
The laser scanner is a very high-precision direct measurement tool for three-dimensional object detection. The instrument can measure hundreds of thousands of points with a very high speed (1 million points per second) to define the surface of the detected object. The result obtained is a very dense set of spatial coordinates that form the so-called “point cloud” obtained in this case by running 128 stations in situ.

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