Tier IV Data Center


Acilia, Rome (RM)


Telecom Italia SpA




The project involves the construction of 4 equipment rooms served by 3 functional blocks (services, storage, switch rooms, control) within the existing building. The area of the rooms varies from 650 square meters to 1088 square meters. The project is characterized by achieving the Tier IV requirement, which indicates the highest degree of quality for a Data Center. Therefore, all plant and civil design features redundant systems, which will ensure the highest degree of safety. The walking surface will be raised from the current street level elevation by about 1.5 m by making a special floating floor. Window surfaces, including skylights, will be reduced to the bare minimum and replaced by opaque surfaces made of masonry. Given the current state of disrepair, the entire existing structure will be rehabilitated and seismically retrofitted.
An infrastructure will be built outside the building to serve the Data Center facilities, consisting of a steel and reinforced concrete structure that will house technological volumes related to, generators, UPS, refrigeration units, AHUs, electrical panels. The refrigeration systems will be energy-efficient, so they will be implemented with centralized free-cooling and geocooling systems.

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