Admission Proper Effect project to grant call “Strategic Projects” promoted by Lazio Region

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La SIA SpA is among the winners of the “Strategic Projects” POR FESR LAZIO 2014-2020 call for proposals. Axis 1 – Research and Innovation – Thematic Objective 1 Action 1.1.4 with the project“Proper Effect” co-financed by Lazio Innova.

Project objectives:

The main objective of the Proper Effect project is to develop an innovative ICT platform to support the energy efficiency of real estate assets and the optimization of their management.

In addition, a study component related to the development of ICT solutions will be added to the project component related to the development of innovative components for energy efficiency in buildings based on the use of waste from production systems from a circular economy perspective. This dual approach aims to integrate innovative components both methodologically (management of building energy efficiency projects and recovery of materials from production processes) and component-wise (insulation panels developed from waste materials).

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Proper Effect Project

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