La SIA establishes business partnership with Infrasite

Hosting telecommunications infrastructure in urban settings: evolution and critical issues

Hosting telecommunications infrastructure in the urban settings of Italy’s beautiful cities is finally possible thanks to the collaboration between La SIA and InfraSite®, makers of the evolved underground box.

The digital transition and the need to build an increasingly connected country brings with it a consequent increase in telecommunications infrastructure. In fact, this “evolution” can only be made possible through widespread and extensive coverage, with inevitable impact on our cities.

Therefore, cities must prepare for major changes and new challenges and be ready to find sustainable answers, moving closer and closer to the SmartCity concept.

Today we are more aware than ever that sustainability means resilience, competitiveness, risk reduction, but also care for urban heritage. Even greater attention if we are talking about a context of particular historical and artistic value, such as that which characterizes most Italian cities.

La SIA’s philosophy and partnership with Infrasite

La SIA, which has always been a spokesman for “transversal” innovation, capable of crossing technological and sociocultural needs, is betting on technologies capable of interpreting the changes posed by the digital era. Hence the business partnership with InfraSite®, a U.S.-based company that engineers and manufactures technologies for the telecommunications world. InfraSite® has developed and patented a product that enables the installation of infrastructure, cellular poles and other utilities in locations with high installation criticality, such as city centers, historic districts and residential areas.

Technology and the Infrasite Smart Box

InfraSite® technology leverages a unique Smart Box underground lift box where equipment and devices serving telecommunications infrastructure and Smart Cities can be placed. With its innovative design, the product can discreetly fit into a small area and can offer an endless variety of above-ground distribution elements. The underground Smart Box, in addition to minimizing visual impact, provides safety and security for equipment placed inside. In fact, the contents inside the box, due to its high-strength structure and underground location, are protected from fire, flooding, moisture, dust, extreme weather conditions, and vandalism. Equipment security is further ensured by sensors that can be controlled and monitored remotely, via App or site.

With InfraSite® technology, partnerships with municipal governments can be expanded to eliminate the traditional space allocation process and planning problems, improving community service capabilities while leaving the face of our neighborhoods untouched.

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