La SIA partners with leading Roman universities to boost training

La SIA has entered into three collaboration agreements with leading universities in Rome: La Sapienza University, “Tor Vergata” University and Roma Tre University.


The La SIA will participate in the FIGI (Faculty of Engineering & Large Enterprises) project, promoted by the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering at La Sapienza – University of Rome to assess, design and develop educational offerings in line with the needs of the world of work.


The objectives of the project are:


– Develop current educational offerings and improve their effectiveness in relation to the needs of the world of
– Support the Faculty’s educational processes with its own resources and expertise, including through activities
specific, promoting students’ entry into the world of work;
– Disseminate scientific culture and orient students for entry to the Faculty;
– Promote and support business-interest activities that enable the direct involvement of students and companies in the area;
– foster an increase in the presence of women in the Faculty’s Courses of Study, to the point of achieving accomplished gender equality of opportunity;
– Foster placement activities aimed at facilitating students’ entry into the world of work.

In addition to actively participating in the working table of the FIGI project, La SIA will fund, as part of the Master’s Degree Program in Innovation Engineering, a scholarship designed to support the enrollment of a deserving student. By joining the Master’s program, La SIA contributes to the goal of preparing high-level professionals capable of creating and managing innovation. In order to encourage in-depth study of the topics covered during the course of study, the Society will welcome Master’s participants to its facility and incorporate them into operations for the planned internship period.


At the same time, La SIA has entered into an agreement with the Department of Civil Engineering and Computer Engineering of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” for the activation of internships aimed at students attending degree programs related to the Department of Civil Engineering and Computer Engineering, which will have as their object the actual knowledge of production realities in order to complete the academic training of the interns.


In addition, a framework agreement has been signed with the Department of Architecture of the University of Roma Tre, which aims to leverage existing resources and expertise between the parties to promote joint training, research and scientific/technical consulting activities.

Activities under the partnership will take place in numerous areas including, research in specific fields of architecture, development of complex, energy-efficient buildings, studies on advanced surveying techniques and information technologies used.


Projects will then be developed on a national and international basis, enhancing scientific and technical knowledge and building research infrastructure.

These collaborations, which are among our stated goals at IPO, make us very proud because they demonstrate our firm belief in the value of youth, research and continuing education. We confirm our commitment to investing in students to provide them with ambitious professional futures and to establishing lasting relationships with academic institutions. We are proud to play the role of a bridge between the university and the world of engineering and work, providing ever new and valuable opportunities for young people.

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