Environmental, Social, and Governance

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The sustainability journey of La Sia

The topic of sustainability and environmental protection are being widely discussed these days given the urgent need to take daily actions to preserve our planet.

Since its founding, SIA has consistently embraced the principles of responsible action in keeping with the goals of Agenda 2030. This commitment has been realized through actions to promote economic, social and environmental sustainability, accompanied by constant improvement of internal processes.

The Forest of La Sia

LA SIA has embarked on a path of awareness and concrete actions with respect to these issues, and among them is the launch of a project on the platform of zeroCO2, benefit corporation committed to developing innovative nature-based solutions to mitigate the climate crisis, preserve ecosystems and sustain people. ZeroCO2 is engaged in reforestation projects and supporting local communities by fostering women’s empowerment and combating soil erosion. In particular, LA SIA is helping to plant new fruit, forest and medicinal trees to women’s groups in Masaai communities in Tanzania: Thus was born the first forest of La SIA! Through the digital platform made available by zeroCO2 we have to date contributed to the reforestation of 80 square meters of land in the Arusha region, for a total of 1272 kg of CO2 absorbed and 327 local families supported.

Office paper consumption

The production of all documentation necessary for the firm’s internal activities involves extensive use of paper. All company personnel have been sensitized to more careful use of the paper they use, both during office work and in the paperwork delivered to the various agencies for the conduct of production activities. It was indicated, therefore, to limit the number of cartographic drawings submitted in permit application files, according to a principle of efficiency of cartographic use.

An additional improvement action in which La Sia has invested in recent years is to dematerialize its activities. In this regard, in fact, the organization has implemented fully digital Data Management Software. Compared with the previous year, there was a 59% reduction in reams purchased in 2023.

Hybrid Cars

Fuel consumption is attributable to the use of company fleet personnel.  Sia has implemented a system of systematic monitoring of the company car fleet, which allows evidence of actual fuel consumption to be given.   

Starting in 2021, La Sia has begun a process of modernizing its car fleet by having full-hybrid cars and installing electric columns at its Rome headquarters that staff can use as charging points while in the offices.

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The company is committed to providing equal opportunities in employment and professional advancement for all employees. All personnel are exposed to all aspects of the employment relationship, such as hiring, training, compensation, promotions, transfers, and termination according to the principles of fairness and transparency. All workers are treated in a manner consistent with their ability to meet the requirements of the job, avoiding all forms of discrimination and respecting human rights.

Sia aims to protect vulnerable groups. In 2023, 3 resources were hired from this category.
As of 2021, LA SIA has implemented a corporate policy for diversity and inclusion, with a focus on equal treatment based on skills and the individual.

In 2023, the company reinforced this commitment by promoting gender diversity and introducing a specific policy for gender equality and women’s empowerment. In December of the same year, it obtained certification on Gender Equality according to UNI/PdR 125:2022 standards, demonstrating compliance with measures to reduce the gender gap, implement wage and job equality, and ensure work-life balance. SIA scored 89.5 out of 100, exceeding the minimum required score of 60 out of 100. This demonstrates the company’s concrete efforts in promoting an inclusive corporate culture and work environment, highlighting its ongoing commitment to Diversity Equity & Inclusion issues. The evaluation process was based on interviews with employees on six key indicators, including corporate culture, governance, HR processes, opportunities for women’s growth and inclusion, pay equity, and work-life balance.
The female gender accounts for 39 percent of total employees and 50 percent of managerial roles.

Gender Equality Policy

As of 2021, LA SIA has adopted and disseminated a Corporate Policy on Diversity and Inclusion, as it has always upheld the principle of equal treatment based on professional skills and individual abilities, as well as valuing diversity. During 2023, the company strengthened its commitment to promoting the values of gender diversity and disseminating principles for a more equitable culture of gender equality and women’s empowerment by introducing a specific Gender Equality Policy, UNI PdR 125:2022, in which LA SIA has defined specific policies for gender equality, covering the 6 areas of Reference Practice:

  • Selection and recruitment: putting the HR process at the center with adoption of recruiting practices that look at skills and abilities, regardless of gender;
  • Career management: ensuring equal opportunities for professional growth;
  • Salary equity: aiming to value competence and merit;
  • Parenting care: looking at the sharing of family responsibilities and encouraging the implementation of all actions to support and protect motherhood and fatherhood;
  • Work-life balance: managing the needs of work-life integration for the full expression of each individual’s potential;
  • Abuse and harassment prevention: providing for the prevention and management of gender-based abuse and harassment within the organization including by training workers on how to recognize and manage such behavior.

Policies are communicated within the organization and posted on the Company’s website for all stakeholders involved to share their mission and values in reference to the issues.

Certified PDR 125 button and Gender Equality Policy.

D value

We were selected by Valore D to participate in their initiative targeting SMEs representing Italian industry.

As a result, SIA became an Associate Company of the first Business Association committed to promoting an inclusive, discrimination-free corporate culture capable of bringing out everyone’s talents through the enhancement of diversity. To pursue this goal, the Association focuses on four main areas of activity:

  • training,
  • research,
  • communication and
  • social innovation.

In 2023, SIA involved middle management in participating in online seminars in order to spread the culture of innovation and sustainability within the company.

Collaborations with universities to enhance education

The Company has invested in R&D through major agreements with universities and public agencies in order to implement new working methodologies (e.g., BIM – Building Information Modeling) and parametric techniques for both architecture and technologically advanced structural design. It also promotes and finances highly specialized training programs aimed at enhancing knowledge, skills and professional standards in order to prepare young people to play an active role in promoting integrated social development based on the principles of work, sustainability and economic growth.

The most important Partnerships entered into are with universities in the Lazio region, such as the University of Roma Tre, “La Sapienza,” Tor Vergata and the University of Tuscia.

In particular, from 2024, SIA will actively participate in the FIGI (Faculty of Engineering & Large Enterprises) project, promoted by the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering at La Sapienza – University of Rome, aimed at evaluating, designing and developing training offerings adapted to the needs of the labor market. The objectives of the project include improving educational offerings in relation to the demands of the world of work, supporting the Faculty’s educational processes with corporate resources and expertise, promoting scientific culture, facilitating entry into the world of work for students, and enhancing the presence of women in the Courses of Study.

In addition, the SIA will fund a scholarship for the Level II Master’s Degree in Innovation Engineering, thus contributing to the training of professionals capable of managing innovation. The Society will also host Master’s students for training internships at its facility.

In parallel, SIA has signed an agreement with the Department of Civil Engineering and Computer Engineering of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” to activate training internships for students of the department.

Finally, a framework agreement was signed with the Department of Architecture of the University of Roma Tre to promote joint training, research and scientific/technical consulting activities. This partnership involves the development of projects on a national and international scale, focusing on areas such as advanced architectural research, the development of energy-efficient buildings, and the application of information technology in the field.

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LA SIA SpA is committed to fostering a welcoming, respectful, safe and supportive environment in all its activities, where people can feel free to express their full potential. This translates into a diverse, equitable and inclusive corporate culture aimed at creating long-term value for our employees, customers, partners and the communities of which we are a part, including respecting and protecting the environment. In this way, LA SIA SpA confirms itself as a promoter of the culture of sustainability, embracing both social and environmental aspects.

Corporate Welfare Plan

Sia Spa aims to improve work-life balance policies for its employees, with a focus on family and health care. To realize this goal, since 2021 it has introduced a Corporate Welfare Plan (PWA) that includes a Welfare Credit. This credit allows employees to access goods and services predefined by the company, with the intent of providing social and welfare support. A welfare plan is in place for its employees. The purpose is to facilitate their purchases for:

  • Family education and education expenses
  • Public transportation expenditures
  • The expenses for ass. Fam. Elderly and dependent
  • Supporting interest expense on mortgages and loans
  • Any payments into supplementary pension and health funds and SEB cash package purchases.
  • The purchase of shopping vouchers – gift cards

In addition, in the area of corporate welfare, the company has provided company cell phones for management.

Environmental and social risk

SIA recognizes environmental and social risks as an integral part of business management: Specifically:

  • Closely monitor the turnover rate, as high staff turnover can result in the loss of critical skills and knowledge.
  • It is committed to reducing the gender gap, which is significant especially in STEAM, by addressing gender stereotypes and breaking down social barriers that discourage women from pursuing careers in science and technology.
  • It invests in the continuous development of its staff’s skills and constant awareness of issues in the areas of Diversity & Inclusion, Ethical Business Management and Environmental Protection.
  • It fosters partnerships and collaborations with local universities and associations in order to develop projects with high technological and innovative potential, as well as providing financial support for high-level educational initiatives.
  • Ensures that the environmental performance related to its operations strictly complies with environmental regulations and adheres to stringent environmental criteria, both in the selection of suppliers and partners and in the design and development of projects
  • Promotes the well-being of its employees through corporate welfare initiatives, supports agile working, and offers merit-based company bonuses or rewards as recognition of performance