2023 was a year full of accomplishments for La SIA. Of these, probably the most important for the company’s history was the IPO. The year 2024 sets before us another set of challenging goals and is our 20th anniversary year.

All this made us feel the need to actualize our brand so that it represents the maturation process that has taken place and better reflects our current Vision and Mission. We wanted to maintain our history by leaving the logotype unchanged in its form and font, while simultaneously embracing the future by eliminating the red trail that delineated a specific market boundary, thus also limiting the areas of expertise in which we operate.

The letter “A” in the logo has always been intended to represent the concept of a roof, thus a safe place to stay. We therefore decided to make her the protagonist of our pictogram. The revisiting of the logo went through several stages, all driven by the concept of innovation. The Pay-off is now in English to represent the international presence corroborated by the stock exchange listing. We had assumed the insertion of the letter “E” between the words Engineering and Architecture was dropped to represent the process of project implementation and solution capability.

La SIA’s new visual identity is designed to convey the company’s key values of professionalism, solidity and practicality. From La SIA’s new logo there has been extrapolated a symbol, the stylized “A” that encapsulates the company’s identity and philosophy. The choice of a minimalist and symmetrical pictogram encapsulates within itself the concept of stability, precision, centrality and geometry. The advantage of having such a versatile pictogram is definitely usability, since it is easily declined in both the digital and offline spheres.

In addition, we used it as a basis for making new pictogram variants within social platforms to distinguish the various macro-themes being communicated. We feel very satisfied with this new look that better represents our identity. Our new logo represents our dedication to innovation and is just the first step on a path that will accompany La SIA as it evolves.


In this Brand Book we will establish brand guidelines by outlining the rules and guidelines for consistent use of Brand identity elements. This will ensure that all marketing and communication materials are aligned and correctly reflect La SIA’s identity, in the digital and offline spheres.

La SIA’s Brand Identity should reflect the company’svalues, personality and vision.

Through Visual Identity (set of visual declinations of the brand) the company’s story, values, mission (how it is doing today) and vision (the goals of tomorrow) will be “told.” The tone of voice (TOV) of the graphic content will be in line with the same tone used in the communication.

Each visual declination will be part of a single system that aims to communicate the same message.