La SIA S.p.A.

The whistleblowing mechanism is a key practice for identifying and reporting legal violations and ethically questionable behavior that may compromise the well-being of the organization and the larger society. It serves as a crucial channel for eyewitnesses of such malpractices, enabling them to intervene with determination and integrity.

Through this process, the principles of transparency and corporate integrity can be safeguarded, stimulating a more ethical and responsible work environment.


We urge you to carefully review the Whistleblower Handbook to acquire the skills necessary to make effective reports regarding any violations observed in the context of your interaction with our organization. In addition, we guarantee full respect for confidentiality, both yours and others involved. It is imperative that, before proceeding with access to our reporting system, you review the Privacy Policy, available through the following
, to ensure you have a complete understanding of our privacy practices.