Architectural and plant upgrading of TIM offices in Rome




TIM S.p.a.




Architectural and plant upgrading of TIM office complex in Rome, Via di Tor Pagnotta 74.


The Tim office complex consists of three main buildings and a telecommunications tower that towers over the entire area.
The project consists of a reorganization of spaces with replacement of existing furniture and upgrading of electrical, lighting and mechanical systems.

The rooms where the new furniture was placed were already designated as office areas and are located on various floors in the three buildings. In all there were
placed 480 workstations divided between single workstations (to be located in individual offices) and islands with two, four or six workstations.

In addition to the workstations, the project included the completion of work spaces through the arrangement of: meeting rooms, areas for printers, break rooms and archive rooms. These were relocated to the various floors serving the new workspaces.


Each workstation was equipped with a specific lighting system built into the ceiling tiles that ensured proper lighting at each workstation. All the suspended ceilings underwent work to replace the deteriorated tiles and install new lamps. The quadrottes that were dismantled to make way for the new lamps were not disposed of but relocated to the suspended ceiling where needed.
The electrical and data distribution system was also remodeled on the new islands. In rooms where there is a floating floor, the existing turrets were moved and relocated; where there is no floating floor, the downspouts from the suspended ceiling were redistributed. The newly installed tiles are made of homogeneous antistatic rubber with a high caoutchouc content with a smooth, non-porous, sealed surface, and are accompanied by sound-absorbing matting with a minimum abatement of 20 db according to ISO 140-8, with a total thickness of 4 mm; they also have a coloring similar to the originals.

On the second and third floors of Building A, the existing emergency exit doors were replaced with new REI doors. In the canteen, the existing furniture in the food service area and the bar counter were replaced; the lighting system was also replaced with new lamps recessed into the ceiling.
In the break rooms, the “kitchenette” modules were replaced, maintaining the existing connections for both water loading and draining, while new downspouts were provided from the suspended ceiling for water supply to serve the vending machines, which were relocated.
Prior to the installation of the new furniture, painting was carried out for the walls and pillars in all the rooms undergoing the intervention. For all non-intervention areas, however, lightweight vertical structures with polyethylene sheeting were placed to protect them.

From the plant engineering point of view, the interventions carried out concerned the motive power and data systems (for the terminal utilities) and the lighting system; in addition, light control interventions, verification of the electrical system, upgrading of the emergency lighting system and wieland-type electrification were carried out.


Based on the specific requests of the client, La SIA offered a complete service of photographic survey, Laser Scanner survey, architectural material and plant survey.
Subsequent to the restitution of the state of affairs, lighting and acoustic analyses were conducted to support the architectural concept study, which later led to the preparation of architectural and plant executions and dynamic computation.

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