Telecom complex adaptation to obtain FPC


via di Val Cannuta 250 Acilia Rome


Telecom Italia Spa




From the survey carried out in conjunction with the original project drawings, it was possible to reconstruct the current state of the fire water system in the Telecom building. As far as not directly observable, assumptions were made about the diameters and pipe routes derived from the “logic” of the original design.
From the measurements made with the pressure and flow meter, it was possible to deduce the supply pressure and flow rate needed at the waterworks delivery point to provide the same measured performance.
The main characteristics of the fire-fighting water network were reconstructed using CPIwin software.
The nodes and sides of the sections were numbered to identify the network elements.
The iterative Hardy-Cross method was used to determine the hydraulic quantities of the mesh network.
The elaborate water system design was necessary to verify the possibility of connecting new UNI 45 hydrants planned in the garage, and also to propose some improvements to the existing system that would theoretically allow it to meet the requirements of UNI 10779 for all areas of the building.

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