Urban regeneration and building rehabilitation of a lot in Rome's Municipality V








The project concerns an Urban Regeneration and Building Rehabilitation intervention pursuant to LR no. 7/2017, falling in the Southeast quadrant of Rome, specifically in City Hall V.

Specifically, the work consists of the renovation of a residential building subject to historical and artistic constraints, and the demolition and reconstruction of a second residential building, both located on a 1640-square-meter lot.

The listed building was built after the 1930s using traditional construction techniques, the layout of which appears to be similar to the “farmhouse in the countryside” type typical of the period.

The renovation project of the farmhouse, therefore, deals with the necessary structural and plant upgrading, the redesign of the interior spaces, as well as the improvement and aesthetic adjustment of the finishes; for these reasons, it was necessary to deepen the study of the different structures from the archaeological, as well as historical and artistic point of view, thanks to the intervention of an architect specialized in conservation and restoration.

As for the second building, which is to be demolished and rebuilt, the design choice was to create a single-story building with a roof garden that would allow for the reconnection of urban greenery. Innovative construction techniques, such as hemp block infill masonry, and advanced plant engineering solutions were chosen to achieve a building artifact with very high energy performance.

The design of the landscaping within the lot required an Agronomist Doctor to make a prior analysis of the existing plantings and a subsequent proposal for new crops, in harmony with the architectural design for the creation of a sustainable landscape.

The main feature of the project is the communication and integration of landscape and built environment that ensures livability in direct contact with nature while being in the middle of an urbanized neighborhood.

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