SMART-UZER project: Modular and proactive system for optimizing Electricity Utilization in smart grids


On 10 /06/2022, the presentation of the results of the research and development projects of the Intelligent Networks sector, financed with the resources of the 2014-2020 ERDF ROP 2014-2020, was held in Cagliari at “Sa Manifattura.” The Intelligent Networks Research and Development Program funded five projects implemented in Sardinia, with a total expenditure commitment by Sardegna Ricerche of 695 thousand euros. The projects were implemented through multi-stakeholder collaboration, involving a total of 7 companies, the University of Cagliari and Sassari, and CRS4.

La SIA’s participation in the Smart Uzer project.

La SIA SpA participated in Sardegna Ricerche’s event on “Intelligent Networks” by presenting the SMART-UZER project in collaboration with STAM SRL, a high-tech company offering engineering services in a variety of market sectors, and with Prof. Ing. Pulina and his team from the University of Sassari-Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy.

Smart-uzer, presented by theEng. Christian Farci, La SIA’s Sardinia Area Manager, is a Smart Home Monitoring project that enables individual users, using machine learning algorithms, to track their consumption, define usage thresholds, and manage, measure, and optimize their energy consumption, up to and including checking the fairness of their electricity bill.

(Video interview on the Smart Uzer project with Eng.
Eng. Christian Farci, Head of the Sardinia Area of La SIA

Details and benefits of the Smart Uzer project

The project developed a user-centric Decision Support (DS) tool that suggests optimal energy efficiency scenarios by leveraging financial, technological and behavioral components. The user-centric approach adopted aims to attack the main issue related to energy management solutions in residential buildings, which is the lack of acceptance by end users. By breaking down this barrier with a special focus on the end user, it will be possible to achieve positive impacts on the entire supply chain.

Buildings, weighing more than one-third of global consumption, play a key role in defining the peak power of the grid and the distribution of power used during the day, which is why “building energy management” has been identified as a resource that has the potential to create economic and environmental benefits.


The project has enabled us to walk through new business scenarios that will lead La SIA to contribute to the EU goals of ecological transition, and for this we thank Sardegna Ricerche for the opportunity provided and total availability throughout the project phase and to STAM SRL and Dr.Ing. Pulina for trust, collaboration and constructive discussion.

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