Double Scan Scans with Leica RTC360 Laser Scanner

These days we are testing Leica’s RTC360 scanner in the company. Leaving aside the specifications of the scanner, which can be found on the manufacturer’s website, we wanted to talk about a very useful function that is present in this scanner namely “Double Scan”.This function activates a different scanning procedure than the standard mode namely: double scan and photo.

The “Double Scan” is most useful in all those situations where there are moving vehicles or people in the environment to be scanned (such as on a construction site or in the street) as it can eliminate all points that have “shifted” (moved) between the two scans.

We tested this function in the as built survey of some components during a construction site we are
following; during the entire survey there were about ten workers at work in the environment. Images
The following are from two consecutive clouds performed 3 minutes apart, the first without the “Double
Scan” and the second with the “Double Scan” inserted.


Scanning without double scan

It can be seen that the second scan does not show the silhouettes of the workers (they were not on their lunch break).

Double scan scanning
Ghosts photographed by laser scanner

The great scanning speed of this scanner (50 seconds for a full scan at the medium resolution i.e., 6mm @ 10m) allows for a double point survey in less than two minutes, plus another minute for photos.

Somewhat less performant is the algorithm on photos that populates the construction site with ghosts, but at the cloud color level, the “dots” are actually not there.



Point cloud generated by laser scanner

Edited by:

Architect Gianpaolo Stringa

BIM Division Designer – Research and Development La SIA

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