La SIA at the Salone del Mobile 2023

We were also at Salone del Mobile this year and were impressed by the variety of stands, furniture and installations we had the pleasure of encountering inside and outside the Salone.

The watchword this year was undoubtedly sustainability, followed by lighting and vivre en plain air.

Environmental responsibility started with the booths themselves, which in fact had to be, according to the guidelines of the fair, low-impact by limiting waste and resources used as much as possible. We walked through less monumental but more natural structures, with sinuous and organic shapes, anticipating the choices of the products on display, which are increasingly curvilinear and enveloping, more and more companions to life.

At Euroluce, lighting becomes increasingly efficient, designed to illuminate more with less consumption and above all to accompany visual comfort and human well-being. Here, too, sinuous forms reminiscent of nature took center stage, brought closer to industrial products with handcrafted details and the quest for wireless lighting.

Undoubtedly complicit in the pandemic, the need to enjoy open spaces was also evident, perceived not only by the quantity and quality of outdoor furniture at the Salone but also by the exciting variety of exhibitions and events organized by Fuori Salone, the traveling fair in the city. We walked through the Brera district as if it were a diffuse exhibition, where every corner and every showcase was designed to offer the visitor a sensory journey under the banner of design.

Art, design and everyday life never seem to have been closer than this.

Below are some shots from the event.

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