La SIA participates in Namex Annual Meeting 2022

Namex – Rome Internet eXchange Point is the main Internet hub in Central and Southern Italy, with three Data centers in Rome and one in Bari, with more than 170 ASNs and a constantly increasing traffic year after year.

Namex Annual Meeting 2022

To celebrate the return to a
Namex Annual Meeting
in attendance, an exceptional location was chosen: Villa Miani.

It is an elegant neoclassical building on Monte Mario Hill. With an incredible view of Rome and framed in a beautiful park. To stimulate relationships and the “connection” of new business opportunities among the nearly 500 guests and 200 Enterprises attending the event.

The participation of La SIA

La SIA SpA participated in the event by meeting with longstanding clients and expanding its network of contacts and relationships in order to develop new business and opportunities.

A packed agenda with outstanding guests to talk about the development of Edge Computing, the growth of the Data center market, the topic of ” IXPs towards the edge of the network,” supported by the need for physical infrastructure where LA SIA has decades of experience in the development of services for fiber optics, data centers, due diligence, civil design and industrial design.

The event starts in Ukraine

Exciting connection with Ukraine on projects to rebuild the Internet and the “Donate now” project.
Camilla Sebastiani, Head of the Technical Secretariat of the Ministry for Technological Innovation and Digital Transition, also spoke, who took stock of the status of projects for the development of the ultra broadband network, the role of operators, public/private funding, and the status of the €4.6 billion funding allocations and the awarding of tenders on gray areas and 5G to connect 11,000 radio base stations.

Event closes with game changers

Conlcuding the event was the morning phanel “The game changers,” featuring Dazn, Linkem (which announced the forthcoming birth of a NetCom wholesales), Open Fiber, Eolo, and Iliad, in a chess game to assert their presence and reaffirm business plans with different strategies in the market and a strong push for investment and technological innovation. Strategic assets remain infrastructure, fiber network development and FWA to ensure the market has the ever-increasing availability of bandwidth for consumer users, but also for the entreprise world so as to stimulate the emergence of edge data centers, edge computing and ever closer data processing to the user.


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