Alessandra Speranza, General Manager La SIA SpA speaks at the Christmas workshop organized by STAM

Notes on the event

Last December 2021,
organized a very interesting workshop with the title “All we want for Christmas is a circular world!!!”

The workshop in question was held in Genoa at Cisterne del Ducale in Palazzo Ducale.

Many important personalities from the Italian and European institutional, scientific and business worlds spoke, including La SIA SpA General Manager Alessandra Speranza.

Event schedule.

The event, which lasted approximately 4 hours, covered various topics related to cities of the future, the circular economy, infrastructure sustainability, and citizen safety. It concluded with a discussion on possible synergies between different sectors and collaboration between the public and private sectors.

The intervention of La SIA SpA

Alessandra Speranza, Director General of La SIA spoke in the part of the workshop related to applications of innovative tools on the ground to support sustainable infrastructure.

After a brief introduction on La SIA SpA’s history, tools, capabilities, and mission, Alessandra Speranza spoke about innovative design, modeling, forecasting, and risk management tools that can be of great help in the development of sustainable infrastructures, their management and predictive maintenance, and ultimately compliance with new regulations and standards.

this link
you can download the presentation developed to support the intervention.

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