La SIA wins the Felix Industry Award

La SIA wins the Felix Industry Award

On 4 March 2021, SIA was invited to collect the High Financial Statement Honor as Best Small Business in the Lazio region for management performance and financial reliability Cerved, during the digital edition of the Felix Industry Award – Lazio, Tuscany and Abruzzo who compete in 2021

Il trimestrale di economia e finanza Industria Felix Magazine, supplemento gratuito con Il Sole 24 Ore, è stato fondato nel 2019 sulla base del successo del Premio Industria Felix – L’Italia che compete, istituito nel 2015 in Puglia, consolidatosi nel 2017 a Milano e sviluppatosi oggi in quasi tutte le regioni italiane e a livello nazionale.


The Award, organized by the IFM periodical (published by the Centro Studi Industria Felix s.r.l.), is among the first awards to be assigned on the basis of a survey on the financial statements of Italian companies, therefore on incontrovertible numbers. The summary of the investigation, extracted with respect to an objective budget algorithm ordered by decreasing EBITDA, is submitted to the attention of a Scientific Committee made up of economists, bankers, entrepreneurs, and high-profile managers chaired by the delegates of the Luiss Guido Carli University and of Confindustria (partners of the event). The Scientific Committee assigns the “High Financial Statement Honors”, this is how the awards are defined, to companies, reserved for joint-stock companies with registered offices in Italy, performing at a management level, reliable at a financial level with respect to the Cerved Group Score and, in some cases, sustainable.


The aim of the Centro Studi Industria Felix is to network virtuous companies and tell the story of Italy that competes through events, press releases and the quarterly Industria Felix Magazine, which only after the first issue aroused the interest of the 24 Ore Group. The 2020 Felix Industry Award enjoys the media partnership of Ansa and Il Sole 24 Ore and is created in collaboration with Cerved, Banca Mediolanum, Mediolanum Private Banking, Grant Thornton, Lidl Italia, Sustainable Development.


La SIA was chosen by the Scientific Committee starting from an algorithm that selected only companies that in their respective categories recorded among the best EBITDA, profit, positive ROE, financial charges/EBIT ratio of less than 50%, a delta of employees equal to or increasing to the previous year and a solvency or financial security pact, which is a summary assessment of the creditworthiness of Italian companies carried out by Cerved, obtained through a suite of statistical models that make it possible to estimate the probability of insolvency for each company. The maxi investigation was conducted on just over 143,000 financial statements of joint-stock companies with registered offices in the three regions: 85,420 in Lazio, 45,087 in Tuscany and 13,126 in Abruzzo.

The awarding of the prize took place with an invitation to the event held on 4 March, which was attended by our Technical Director,Mario Rampini. on behalf of the Company. The event was held digitally on theZoom platform.

The recognition obtained rewards the strategic lines followed by the ownership which has always supported the development of the Core Business through the strengthening and growth of the Finance and Control Areas. This choice has guaranteed, over the years, the pursuit of a policy of capillary control of costs and financial flows through the implementation of analytical accounting by cost centers and the monitoring of financial variables.

Great attention has been paid to investments in digitization and Business Intelligence tools.

All company flows are managed through an ERP system, integrated with software dedicated to the management of financial dynamics.

This policy has allowed, over the years,

• constant monitoring of the main economic and financial variables,
• the development of a system of Average Hourly Costs by department
• the preparation and control of annual cash forecasts
• the definition of detailed economic budgets


Dr. Massimiliano Loddo

Head of Administration, Finance and Control