La SIA participates in ANCHOR project funded by START 4.0 call for proposals

La SIA joins the consortium that was awarded funding from the second START 4.0 call for proposals to implement the ANCHOR project on risk analysis and crowd modeling of port terminals.

In particular, the project will be developed on the port of Genoa.

port of Genoa

Anchor project consortium partners

The consortium that will develop the ANCHOR project consists of the following companies:


He will be responsible for BIM modeling and generation of the digital twin of the Port of Genoa.

These elements will be used primarily in the design and management of buildings and structures, and will be exploited to create a 3-D visualization of the area under study and the levels of risk associated with the elements therein, for example, through color scales and menus in which more information is displayed.

digital twin

The digital model will be updated in real time by sensors located in the project area.

Stam Ltd.

He will do crowd modeling.

Crowd agent models are used to simulate the behavior of heterogeneous crowds under different scenarios and in different infrastructures. An agent model will be developed in ANCHOR to collect useful data for risk assessment. In particular, events with a low probability of occurrence, for which there are insufficient datasets, and with a very high potential for impact will be considered.

crowd modeling
This will allow risk assessment even where it may be complicated due to insufficient data Simulations will allow this limitation to be overcome and different scenarios to be created to assess both the impacts on the system and the effectiveness of the countermeasures taken.

DGS spa

Will be in charge of all risk assessment dynamics of the ANCHOR project.

risk assessment

RIS, the Risk Assessment tool used for risk assessment in mixed cyber and physical systems, will be the engine used to perform the risk analysis of the study area. RIS originated as a Risk Assessment tool to assess risk within IT systems according to the ISO/IEC 27001 standard and has recently integrated New configurations (assets, threats, vulnerabilities, controls) in the airport environment.

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